Lessie Cookies Series

We have a wide variety of cookies, and the taste and taste are your favorite and traditional flavors.  Also the company's flagship produc.

Lessie Mooncake Series

We have 10 years of history of making moon cakes, and you can choose from a variety of flavor mooncakes. All our product lines do not contain any preservatives, chemicals and food additives.
我们拥有10年的 制作月饼 历史,各式各样的口味月饼让你选择. 并且 所有的产品系列都没有任何的防腐剂,化学剂以及食品添加剂,请放心享用。

Lessie Mooncake Paste

We offer a wide range of more than 30 paste flavors for our customers to choose from. Made from original lotus seeds and natural ingredients, our paste series have been diversified to include just about anything which can be made into fillings for not only mooncakes but also a wide range of pastry products such as buns, dumplings,  filling and pancakes, macaroons and cakes.
我们提供30多种莲蓉口味,供客户选择。以莲蓉 & 天然的食材配制而成,我们的 莲蓉 系列已经多样化,包括任何可以制成馅料的产品,不仅是月饼,还有各种糕点产品,如糕点馅料和煎饼,杏仁饼和蛋糕。